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Phonics Help

EFL Playhouse

Here are several phonemic awareness activities and resources designed to make learning of phonics fun for you.

Free Worksheets

This site offers useful worksheets on blends, consonants, digraphs, miscellaneous, and vowels.

Word Lists
100 Most Common English Words, Compound Words, and Word Lists by 

  • initial consonant, 
  • c-v-c words with specified vowel, 
  • vowel patterns (such as a-eai, or ou as in out)
  • consonant patters (such as ch at beginning of word, ch at end of word, ch in middle of word, or ph words)
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • verb endings (such as adding -ed, doubling the final consonant)

Create Slide Shows of Words or Sentences

Select either manual move between slides or specify how many seconds each slide with be shown before automatically transitioning to the next slide.

More Free Worksheets
Here are lists of sight words and lists by phonics elements.  Turn them into interactive slide shows, into printable flash cards, or into bingo games.

I Know That.Com 
You’ll love these fabulous games: Word Search, Word Builder, Word Match.  They are organized in the following phonics topic areas: short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, beginning consonant sounds, and blends. 

Sight Word Help

Dolch Sight Word Games
Have fun practicing those words you need to know by sight. Pick a level for play: beginning level, kindergarten level, first grade, second grade or third grade.

More Reading Help

Instant Poetry Forms
OK, young poets, we know you’re pretty good with words, but how many forms of poetry can you create?  Step right up, and create different forms of poems instantly.  Well, almost instantly.

Want to Read a Book While Sitting at Your Computer?
There are many websites with books you can read online.  If you forgot to check out a book for your book report, you might read a book from one of these websites with online books!

°  Diary of a Wimpy Kid
°  The Lost Side of Suburbia – No Story, No Room
°  Skullduggery Island