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Wonderful Math Websites for Students

AAA Math 
Need an explanation for a math topic?  Want some problems to let you practice specific skills?  Interested in challenge games?  This wonderful site offers math topics by grade level with randomly created problems designed to make you a math whiz.  

About School: Math 
This site contains fascinating mathematics activities and great links to other worthwhile math sites. 

The Math Forum (Student Center) 
Have a math question?  Like to be challenged?  This site has extensive math education resources, including Ask Dr. Math

Help and Practice with Fractions
Practice, equivalent, reducing, improper & mixed numbers, multiply & divide, add & subtract fractions. (flash)

Me and My Math
Numbers and Place Values, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, The Number Line, Fractions, The Laws of Arithmetic.

ILX Math
Select any grade level from Pre-K through 8 as well high school algebra and geometry and learn or review the math skills for that grade.

Addition Facts Timed Tests
Practice the 100 basic addition facts!  Set the timer to 3 minutes if you are in fifth grade or higher, 4 minutes if you are in third or fourth grade, and 5 minutes if you are in first or second grade. Then use the number key pad with your right hand to type in each answer.  Click the Tab key with your left hand to move to the next problem.  NOTE: If your computer uses Internet Explorer, click the Tab key twice to move to the next problem.

Subtraction Facts Timed Test

Multiplication Facts Timed Test 

Division Facts Timed Test

Adding Doubles (1 + 1, 2  + 2, 3 + 3, and so on)

Lots of Ways to Practice Addition!

This list provides links to sites that offer different ways to practice addition facts:  online, as worksheets, as flashcards, and as games.

 Ask Dr. Math

Have a math question? Do you need an explanation?
Dr. Math offers math help for

Kahn Academy Arithmetic Lessons

Get short, online video lessons for help and practice with

Click Here for Online Math Games