The Title I kindergarteners at Elijah House Academy became student book authors with Ms. Prather’s guidance.

 After reading a story about all the things you can find under a bed, the students

  • read the predictable sentences, and
  • then illustrate each one.


Block is under my bed.

A book and a block

Toy and cat under my bed


They then made up the title of their book which was A DOG under My Bed. The students enjoyed  creating and reading their books.

Student Book Authors A Dog is Under My Bed



Below is the another book that a special student created. He has been working on -at and -ap word families along with his sight words.

-at and -ap words

First, he had to read the words before he created the book so that he was sounding out beginning middle and ending sounds. Then he glued the picture to the page and found the word that described it and then wrote the word.



Ms. Prather is proud of her hard working student book authors!