The students in Ms. Shuey’s kindergarten, first and second grade Title I classes at St. Louis Catholic wrote winter snow stories. Below are the students’ snowy themed compositions about their wintery adventures.

Kindergarten Winter Snow Stories


In the winter it snows.

I go sledding and make a snowman. 




It snows.  Then

I play snowballs with mom. 




It is winter and it snows.

I play snowballs and ski. 




I play snowballs and make a

Snowman in the winter.



First Grade Winter Snowy Stories

snowman in winter snow stories

It is winter.

It is snowing!!

I make Little Bob, a snowman.

I dance around him.

Then I drink hot cocoa with marshmallows. 



sledding snowballs

It is winter.

Snow is white and cold.

I make snowballs and go sledding.

Then I drink lots of cocoa!! 



hot chocolate

In the winter I like to play in the snow.

I like to play snowballs with my mommy.

In the snow I go sledding with my family.

Then we have hot chocolate.  Yum! 



snowman with sister in winter snow stories

In the snow I make a snowman with my sister.

I love the winter and snow. 

I am happy. 



winter snow stories with snowman family

In the winter I like the snow.

I play in the snow.

I make snowballs and a snowman with my family.

Then I drink hot chocolate. 




It is winter.

I like to play snow fights and dig tunnels.

Then I snuggle in a blanket. 




Second Grade Winter Snow Stories

snow castle
In the middle of winter, I built a snow family.  Then it rained and ruined the snow family. It made me mad.  Then the next night it snowed again!!  So I made a snow castle with a tunnel.  Now I was happy again. 



shovel and tunnel
I woke up and looked out the window.  I saw it was snowing!!  There was not enough snow to build a snowman.  Then I thought if I got a shovel, I could make a snow tunnel.  I made a little tunnel big enough for my brother and I to play in. 



hats on snowman family
It is winter on the mountain.  I went outside in the snow. I build a snow family with a shovel.  There is not enough snow to build a tunnel.  So I put hats on my snow family and sing and dance around.   In the morning the rain ruined my snow family but I still had a good time. 



snow was above my boots in winter snow stories
I went on a trip in the winter to the mountains.  When I got there, there was lots of snow.  The snow was above my boots.  There was enough snow to build a snowman.  I use a shovel to help me build this big snowman.   Then I put a black hat, a white and black scarf, a carrot nose, stick hands with purple mittens and buttons for his eyes and mouth.   Freddy, the snowman looked perfect.  The next day when the sun was shining, I went back up there but Freddy fell and only his hat, mittens, and scarf were left.  “Don’t worry, “I will build you again, Freddy the snowman. 


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