First and third graders are using the “Rime” (Rhyme) magic activities in Ms. Flanary’s Title I classes at Ryan Academy. They are learning to hear, read and write sweet rhymes!

Rime Magic (Rhyme)


Ms. Flanary and the students started by reviewing short vowel sounds a, e, i. o, u and created picture cards to remind students of sounds with a familiar picture.

  • apple
  • egg
  • igloo
  • octopus
  • umbrella


Sweet Rhymes bag and rag, bell and well

Endings for Rhyming Words

Students created one syllable words by adding a consonant to the 2 letter endings. If needed, they referred to consonants on a chart.

Students created one syllable rhyming words with short vowel-final consonant endings.


Ms. Flanary read aloud picture books, short passages and poems, and students listen for the rhymes. We used sticky notes to mark the rhymes.


rhyming words: splat and flat and pool and cool

The Poem “Pool”



sum-gum and swimmer-shimmer rhymes

Sweet Rhymes in Valentines

The students used hearts to display Valentine framed rhymes.

sweet rhymes in Valentines


Want to try your hand with rhyming words that end in –ip? Click here to play the -ip matching game.