The fifth and sixth graders in Ms. Flanary’s Title I class at Ryan Academy are reading books related to Growth Mindset. Following are some of the books they read:

Growth Mindset Books

  • The Worst Day of My Life Ever!
  • Teamwork Isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to Share!
  • Not Yet
  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain
  • Interrupting Chicken
  • Thanks for the Feedback

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Ms. Flanary and the students made a classroom exhibit of reflections to improve mindfulness. It centered around questions students could ask themselves as they read growth mindset books. The questions were displayed on a board. Students used sticky notes throughout the week to post their suggestions to each other for positive strategies.

Questions to ask yourself while you read growth mindset books.

First Growth Mindset Question

Mindset Question 1

Answers by Students to Question 1

  • I can say, “I will do it. I won’t give up!” I always will try again. If I get a bad grade I won’t be upset because my brain expands. Also I will do my strategies.


  • Always ask for help when you need it. You can’t always have it your way when you don’t understand always stay on task and focus


  • Instead of saying I can’t do this try to believe in yourself and say I can do it.


  • When I have a hard time doing long division I can look on the side of my desk and go over the steps.


Second Question

second mindset question

Answers by Students to Question 2


  • Go outside and walk more, work harder.


  • When someone gives you a nice compliment, think before you speak and say, “Nice complement.” Say “thank you” because feedback is information.


  • I will always listen and follow instructions. I will listen to people and follow their instructions. I won’t speak when someone else is. I will share and be a team player because when you work together work gets done.


  • I will not get stressed over a bad grade. I will get better at paying attention to say I will do it.


Third Question

Mindset Question #3

Answers by Students to Question 3

  • I can’t do multiplication yet. I can’t divide longly yet. I can’t skateboard yet. But I will try try again.


  • One thing is to try to earn money. I did this in the past and I want to do it again but I can’t right now due to covid-19.


Additionally, these students created books about growing their mindsets. They displayed these books in their classroom.

My Growth Mindset book