The fourth grade Title I students in Ms. Leonard’s class at Anna Julia Cooper School in Richmond completed a prefix review of the following prefixes:

  • un-
  • re-
  • pre-
  • mis-

First, students read a story from the Catapult Achieve Learning material called “Unfair Art Fair.” The story is by Katherine Follett and is illustrated by Nadia Ronquillo. Following are the first three pages of that text. Note the highlighted words in the story each contains a prefix.

Unfair Art Fair first page

Unfair Art Fair prefix review

Unfair Art Fair featuring words with prefixes


Ms. Leonard used this story as an opportunity to teach the students about prefixes.  After reading the story, they talked about the word “unfair.” The fourth graders then completed guided notes on prefixes, filling in meanings and examples.


Guided Notes for Prefix Review


Then Ms. Leonard and the students returned to the “Unfair Art Fair.” Students highlighted words from the story containing the prefixes un– and re-.

Lastly, as an independent activity, the students completed a prefix review exercise on

Prefix un within uncut


Click HERE to try your hand at the un-, re-, pre- and mis- Prefix Game!

Prefix Game