In December Ms. Scharich’s Park Place School Title I third through sixth grade students did a mini unit to review Fact and Opinion. The students focused on sweet things like candy and chocolate.  Thus the title, Sweet Facts and Opinions.


Reviewing Facts and Opinions

Ms. Scharich reviewed with students the differences between facts and opinions.

Fact or Opinion


Facts and Opinions


Next, each student had to find facts and opinions about a variety of sweet candies.

Chocolate Bar - Sweet Facts and Opinions


Candy Cane - Sweet Facts and Opinions


Cotton Candfy - Sweet Facts and Opinions



Chocolate: Fact or Opinion

The children also read about the history of chocolate, identifying facts and opinions about chocolate.

History of Chocolate





Maple Syrup: Fact or Opinion

Additionally, they found facts and opinions within a nonfiction text about Maple Sugar Trees.

Sugar Maple Trees - Facts and Opinions


Sugar Maple Trees - Facts and Opinions


Nonfiction Sugar Maple Trees article


Then they also created their own candies to show they could identify fact and opinion.

sweet treats


sweet treats
candies and sweet treats


sweet treats
sweet treats and candies


In summary, students had a rewarding time practicing skills with facts and opinions.