The third graders in Ms. Burton’s Title I class at Queen of Apostles practiced The Nightingale retelling with 4 Ws:

  • Who,

  • What,

  • When, and

  • Where.

Below are photos of the book, student work, class chart and retelling cards the students used.

With Ms. Burton’s help, these 3rd grade students are learning to retell a story in various ways.

First, they read The Nightingale by Violet Findley.

The Nightingale

The 4 Ws

During this lesson, students answered the 4 Ws. They discussed who, what, when, and where.

Who? When? What? Where?


Nightingale retelling with 4 Ws



Graphic Organizer for
Nightingale Retelling with 4 Ws

Then students completed the graphic organizer and retold the story to one another.

Nightingale retelling with 4 Ws


Nightingale retelling with 4 Ws

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