Ms. Anderson’s kindergarten and first grade students, their parents, and some grandparents participated in planning and writing snowflake fantasy stories.

Since parents are not allowed in the St. Thomas More school building this year due to health concerns, Ms. Anderson students’ parents  (and some grandparents) Zoomed into the Title I classes from December 10-12, 2020, to join the children.

First, the kindergarten-1st Graders enjoyed the read aloud, “Little Snowflake” by Igloo Books.



Parents and students practiced being thoughtful readers by asking questions about the story. They wondered together about snowflakes using the thinking strand, “I wonder…” to start their questioning. Next, they planned a fantasy story together incorporating what they had learned from the text about the snow cycle. Students did the writing and grew their snow crystals in class following the time with parents.

Following are their imaginative, snowflake fantasy stories. After reading them, see how many of the things written about in each story appear in the picture below:

Find things from each story in this picture.

How many things from each story can you find in this picture?



pink snowflake fantasy stories

The Turtle and the Snowflake


golden snowflake fantasy stories

My Golden Snowflake



purple snowflake fantasy storiesA snowflake Goes to Africa


pink snowflake fantasy stories

My Pink Snowflake



The Snowflake and the Alien


orange snowflake fantasy stories

My Orange Snowflake



Blue Igloo


pink snowflake fantasy stories

A Happy Snowflake