Second through fifth grade students in Ms. Anderson’s Title I classes at St. Thomas More and their parents were thoughtful readers as they read about, planned for, and wrote about snow and snow crystals.

Due to COVID-19, parents are not allowed in the St. Thomas More School building this year.  So Ms. Anderson Zoomed them (and some grandparents) into the Title I classes from December 10-12, 2020. 

The second through fifth grade students read to their parents from the text, “The Story of Snow” by Jon Nelson.

The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino and Jon Nelson, Ph. D.


Students had worked on phrasing and expression in preparation for the time with their parents and grandparents. They also asked questions together, as thoughtful readers do, using the thinking strands, “I wonder…”

As follow-up to their Zoom calls, students grew snow crystals. They summarized their learning in the following paragraphs.


Second Graders Learn about Star Crystals
second Grade: Snow Crystals


Second Grade - snow crystals




Third Graders Write about Star Crystals

snow crystals






snow crystals





Fourth Graders Summarize the Growth of Star and Plate Crystals
fourth grade


plate crystal





Fifth Graders’ Experiences with Snow Crystals
fifth grade






snow crystal