Beware of bubbles, billions of bubbles! That’s what the Title I students at Our Lady of Lourdes learned from reading a poem about the disaster that can come from buying a bottle of bubble bath from Bernie Barber’s store.

Ms. White’s third grade students at Our Lady of Lourdes enjoyed reading the poem “Billions of Bubbles” by Carol Murray.

Billions of Bubbles by Carol Murray


Students did a word hunt, looking for words ending with –ed and noticing the different sounds this suffix can make. Students then talked about the writing trait of word choice the author used to help the reader visualize the billions of bubbles that billowed, bounded and were bursting.  Lastly, students used good word choice to write a warning to anyone wanting to use Bernie Barber’s bubble bath!



Students’ Beware of Bubbles Warnings


Warning! Beware of Bubbles



Danger! Beware of Bubbles



Do Not Touch

Hey Kid!




Beware! Danger! Bubbles!