Second through sixth graders have created Interactive Math Journals in Title I class at Christ the King Catholic. The classes are taught by Ms. Bauserman.

math symbols and numbers

The Math Journals contain four sections:

  • Vocabulary,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Journaling, and
  • Tools.

Ms. Bauserman staples in a pocket so students can keep math manipulatives contained in a zip-lock bag.


Math Notebook Journal

Sections within the Math Journals

Below are photos of Ms. Bauserman’s  personal math journal that she uses as a demonstration model. You can see her examples for sections in the journal:

  • The pocket with manipulatives and the vocabulary section with Area defined.

math Journals pocket with manipulatives

  • The tools section where we glue in graphic organizers about what we have learned.
    Tools Section
  • There is a section on problem solving so that each grade can learn strategies to help them.
    Problem Solving in Math Journals

The students’ notebooks also contain a journaling section where students write about what they have learned. In that section are their responses to math writing prompts. Check them out!