The Pre-K students in Ms. Lloyd’s Title I class at Star of the Sea have been working on identifying rhyming words. In honor of Thanksgiving, they participated in Rhyme Time with Turkey Lurkey.


Listening for Rhyming Words

This week the students listened for and repeated rhyming words during a read aloud of This Is The Turkey by Abby Levine.

This Is The Turkey

Below are a few pages of the book:


Turkey book 1

turkey book 2

end of turkey book



Do the Words Rhyme?

Next, we named picture pairs and decided if the words rhymed or not and colored smiley or sad faces to show our choices.

Rhyme Time or Not Rhyme Time?


Rhyming Time with Turkey Lurkey

Finally, it was Rhyme Time with Turkey Lurkey. The students colored, cut and glued rhyming pairs to Turkey Lurkey.

Rhyming pairs DOG and FROG


Turkey Lurkey pasting


color Turkey Lurkey


Color the turkey


Completed Turkey with Rhyming Pairs