Ms. Flanagan’s Title I class of first graders at Queen of Apostles is using sticky note sequencing to master retelling of a story.

The students are working on retelling, sequencing, and organizing their thinking. First graders read the story “The Night Owl and the Sleepy Squirrel” several times.

Night Owl and the Sleepy Squirrel

Our Sticky Note Sequencing of “The Night Owl and the Sleepy Squirrel”


They used sticky notes to organize their thinking in order to retell the story.

sticky note sequencing


As they read, they used first/next/then/last to sequence the plot of the story.

organizing with sticky notes


first, next, then, last sticky note sequencing


Then they shared their retelling out loud with a partner.

sticky notes and journal


Finally, they arranged their sticky notes into their journal and illustrated the story based on their retelling.

illustrating the sequenced story


The children love using sticky notes and being able to move the plot of a story around in order to sequence it correctly!

squirrel and owl