Over the last several weeks, second grade students in Ms. Flanagan’s Title I class at Queen of Apostles have been investigating fairy tales.

We have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and several versions of Cinderella. Together, Ms. Flanagan and the students chatted about the ways that all fairy tales are alike and different.


Second Graders Are Investigating Fairy Tales


After our conversation, second grade students outlined their own fairy tales using a graphic organizer. Together, we reviewed their ideas and made adjustments based on student-peer and student-teacher conferencing.

The fairy tale graphic organizer had the following categories:

  • characters,
  • problem,
  • magic,
  • sequence of events,
  • solution, and
  • lesson learned.

Graphic Organizer for Fairy Tales


Later, they took their organizer and created a first draft of their fairy tale.

Investigating Fairy Tales


first draft


Finally, students created final versions for publication and illustrated them.


The students were so proud to share their fairy tales with each other, their classroom teacher, the school principal and their second grade friends!