The fifth graders in Ms. LaBrecque’s Title I class at St. Michael are learning to take the exact wording of an author’s important details and reword them. They, thereby, are learning how to communicate an author’s information “in my own words.”

Students first read a passage, “Remembering a Forgotten U.S. President.” Ms. LaBrecque’s students learned about John Adams. They read about the following:

  • Why some historians feel John Adams was important and should have a monument in DC of him.
  • Why other historians think Adams was not important.

President John Adams


As we read the passage, the fifth graders had to pick important details they learned from the passage. After that,they had to copy the exact detail from the passage onto the sticky notes.

Lastly, Ms. LaBrecqu also had them put each detail into their own words. She had noticed students picking details, but not knowing what the sentence meant. Therefore, she challenged them to write the details in their own words, so they could demonstrate their understanding of the sentence. Additionally, this activity helped students with vocabulary and finding words to replace other terms.

Important Details about John Adams
In Our Own Words


1 John Adams details in my own words


2 John Adams


3 John Adams


4 John Adams