The St. Louis fourth and fifth grade students in Ms. Shuey’s Title I math class used the technique of visualizing volume to estimate and determine the number of Skittles in a 3-dimensional rectangular prism.

They wanted to win the Guess the Number of Skittles Contest!

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Visualizing Volume to Estimate and Determine the Number of Skittles

The following are the students’ work and their discoveries:

  • First we made a ball park estimate. Our estimate was 200 Skittles. That was OK, but we wanted an exact number.
    ball park estimate of 200.



  • The second step was to count the number of Skittles in the 3-D rectangular prism.
    count the number of Skittles in the rectangular prisim
  • Thirdly, we worked to VISUALIZE this:
    visualizing volume
  • For the fourth step, we learned to deconstruct the rectangular prism into layers.
    The h = the number of layers.
    Then find the area (l x w) of each layer.
    deconstruct the layers
  • During the fifth step, we learned the easiest way to figure it out: How to find the volume of a Rectangular Prism!
    visualizing volume of a rectangular prism