The fifth and sixth graders cleverly combined the use of 5 fingers and 3 pigs. Through the month of October and November, these reading students in Ms. Scharich’s Title I class at Park Place have been working on learning the components of the 5 finger retell.

Five Finger Retell


5 Finger Retell Method of Summarizing a Story


Before the Thanksgiving holiday they pulled all the skills together to do a big retell on the story of the 3 little pigs. Each student had his or her own version of the story. 


5 Fingers and 3 Pigs

Three Little Pigs books


Reading different versions of The Three Pigs


fifth graders read


Reading a version of The Three Pigs for 5 fingers and 3 Pigs


Students had to use the 5 finger retell to retell the version of the story they read.

Writing Using 5 Finger Retelling


Retelling Using 5 Finger Retell for 5 Fingers and 3 Pigs


3 Pigs and 5 Finger Retell


Once they were able to do that, Ms. Scharich rewarded them with high five pens to take home. The pens, of course, had five fingers!

High 5 Fingers Pens