Fifth grade math students in Ms. Altman’s Title I class at St. Matthew’s Catholic participated in a calculating vacation costs project.

Ms. Altman gave the students a budget of $2000, and they had to plan a dream vacation. First, students chose cards for each of the following categories:

  • people on trip,
  • days on trip,
  • rental car cost,
  • airfare, and
  • hotel cost.

Prior to doing the math, the students had to do a front end estimation first to get a ballpark figure. Then they did the computations to see if they remained in their budget.


Vacation Expenses


Calculating Vacation Costs


Calculating Vacation Costs


Calculating Vacation Costs

As a final part of the calculating vacation expenses project, the fifth graders created brochures about their dream vacations.

Our Dream Vacation Brochures


Calculations and Vacation Brouchure


Dream Vacation Brochure




Our Dream Vacations