As Thanksgiving approaches, Ms. Sachelben’s first graders in Title I class at All Saints Catholic School in Richmond are reading and making Thank You books.

Magnetic Letters 

The students started in a partner activity. They were given the word Thanksgiving in magnet letters. They had to work with their partner to see how many different words they could make.

Magnetic Letters and Thanksgiving


Making Words from the Word THANKSGIVING


The Thank You Book by Mo Willems

Following that activity, the students came back to the table. Ms. Sachelben read the book, The Thank You Book by Mo Willems.

The Thank You Book by Mo Willems


That lead the group to discuss and share about the following topics:

  • What is Thanksgiving?
  • Why do we celebrate it?
  • Why do we need to say Thank you?
  • Who do we need to say Thank you to?


Making Our Thank You Books

The students completed Thank You books to take home on their own. They completed each sentence and then drew a picture.


At school I am thankful for


Thank you books


At home I am thankful for...

The sentences were:

  • At school, I am thankful for…;
  • At home, I am thankful for…,
  • People I am thankful for…;
  • I am also thankful for…










In conclusion, the first graders reviewed

  • that the th says /th/,
  • the words we made out of thanksgiving and
  • the reason for the holiday.

At home, show your THANKS during Thanksgiving dinner with a child-made Thanksgiving table decoration, this quick and easy Big THANKS family activity.