Ms. Montgomery’s Title I fourth grade math students at Holy Cross Regional are mastering the number line fractions of

  • fourths,
  • halves,
  • whole numbers, and
  • mixed numbers (whole numbers with fractions.)



The objective of the activity was to be able to identify 1/4’s on a number line. It could be a quarter of an inch, meter, etc. So we blew it up and wrote it on the table.


Creating the Number Line

We began by making a large number line.

number line

Next, we divided it into sections.

whole numbers

Then we divided each section in half.

number line fractions - halves

Following that, we divided each half in half.

number line fractions 1/2 and 1/4


Counting On

At last, we practiced counting on the number line fractions to a specific quarter.

number line fractions to 3 1/2

The students picked the numbers then and counted them out with dry erase markers.

counting on the number line

counting number line fractions

By the end of the lesson they could count out a whole number and the designated quarter!

Objective met!


In summary, Ms. Montgomery and the fourth graders accomplished their objective!

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