The first and second grade students in Ms. Ford’s Title I class at St. Mary’s are having fun with non-fiction! They have been learning WOW frog facts and frog related vocabulary words.

First, as a group, the students and Ms. Ford read a non-fiction book about frogs. It was part of the Science Vocabulary Readers set titled Frog Life Cycle. The book is by Justin McCory Martin.


Next, the first and second graders found WOW words. Some of the WOW words they found included the following:

  • tadpole
  • amphibians
  • glide
  • gills
  • webbed
  • ribbit
  • female
  • eggs
  • lungs

Then the students determined the important facts about frogs.

Finally, each student wrote about frogs.


WOW Frog Facts and Words


WOW Frog Facts




WOW Frog Facts




WOW Frog Facts