The Norfolk Christian students in Ms. Huffman’s third grade Title I class learned about prefixes with a Prefix Gallery walk and the Prefix Bingo game.

Ms. Huffman began the class by introducing prefixes and giving some examples.

After that, the second graders did a Prefix Gallery walk. In the middle of a picture of each tree, Ms. Huffman had listed a prefix. They would walk around the room and try to add as many words that went with the given prefix.


Our Prefix Gallery Walk


Prefix Gallery Walk for the prefix RE


Prefix Gallery Walk for the prefix PRE


Prefix Gallery Walk for the prefix DIS


When we were finished we looked up the words in a dictionary on the IPAD that were on the tree and crossed off any that were not real words.

Looking up words with prefixes on IPADS


Last we played a game of Prefix Bingo.

Prefix Bingo