The first grade students in Ms. Johnson’s Title I class at St.Bernadette Catholic are working on developing strong number sense. Importantly, these skills that allow students to work with numbers.


A concept such as “six” can be represented multiple ways:

  • Tally marks (a group of five and a single tally mark.)
    number sense six - tally marks
  • Six items such as six stars.
    number sense - six stars
  • The numeral 6.
    number sense - numeral six
  • The number word “six.”
    number sense - number word six
  • Six dots in a 5 by 2 grid.
    number sense - six dots


Number Sense and Number Lines


Number lines help students see the relationships between numbers.

Number line with stars

This number line is made with stars.


Number line with smiley face stickers

This number line is made with smiley face stickers.


Number lines and 91

Number lines to ten. And one more than, one less than, ten more than, and ten less than 91.


Additionally, the first graders worked on sequencing numbers.


One through five sequencing.

One through five sequencing.


Number sense and sequencing through 7.

Using number sense to sequence through 7.


Sequencing through nine.

Students sequence through nine.


Sequencing all the way from one to ten.

Sequencing all the way from one to ten.


In conclusion, these number sense activities aid students’ understanding and recognition of relationships between single items and groups of items as well as concepts of more and less. We also use these activities to understand symbols represent quantities.