Ms. Hollander-Tran’s third, fourth, and fifth grade Title I math groups at Christ the King Catholic are working on multiplication fluency through a multisensory approach. Multisensory multiplication means mastering the multiplication facts using 

  • Visual (see it)
  • Auditory (hear it)
  • Kinesthetic (do it)

methods of learning.

Ms. Hollander-Tran and her students used the following techniques:

  • Creating rhymes for the tricky times tables.Creating Rhymes and Memory Tricks for the tricky multiplication facts
  • Teaching each other clever tricks.
  • And using anchor charts to connect division to multiplication.
    Related Facts


They showed their knowledge of multiplication facts through

  • models,
  • the communitive property, and
  • repeated addition.4 x 4


4 x 4

4 x 6

The students also exercised their skills by creating an array of arrays. First they chose sticky worms, money, bugs – anything that appealed to them. Then they used the same manipulative to show a model for the inverse division table.

cash array - multisensory multiplication


7 x 7 bugs and 2 x 6 Worms


Finally, as the culmination, the kids tracked their knowledge of facts. They compared their current fluency with multiplication facts to their fluency at beginning of the program. We all had a great celebration of growth through the use of multisensory multiplication mastery methods.