The fourth and fifth grade students in Ms. Furlong’s Title I class at St. Anthony of Padua School are learning to use a non-fiction story frame. They used these story frames when writing summaries of short non-fiction passages from Scholastic’s Guided Reading Short Reads Non-Fiction.

Scholastic Guided Reading Short Reads Non-Fiction

Ms. Furlong first guided the students on writing their summaries by using a non-fiction summary frame. The summary frame included the following:

  • The author’s purpose for writing the passage.
  • Some information they learned or were surprised by.
  • And the main idea of the passage.

Fifth Grade Summaries Using a Non-Fiction Story Frame


Non-fiction story frame African Plains SafariAfrican Plains Safari



Non-Fiction Story Frame - cyber BullyingCyber Bullying



Non-Fiction Story Frame - Invertebrates
Incredible Invertebrates


Fourth Grade Summaries Using Non-Fiction Story Frames


Non-Fiction Story Frame - Smile and Say KimchiSmile and Say Kimchi



Non-Fiction Story Frame - OceansOceans



Non-Fiction Story Frame - Garden in a JarMake a Garden in a Jar