Ms. Leonard helped her sixth grade Title I students at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School learned how an activity with Play-Doh is like the writing process.

When Ms. Leonard met with the 6th grade classroom teacher, she told Ms. Leonard that her students were working on the writing process. So Ms. Leonard decided to do this Play-Doh activity lesson to supplement the classroom instruction. The Play-Doh activity is a kinesthetic way to understand the steps involved in writing.


Steps In Understanding How the Play-Doh Activity is Like the Writing Process

Step 1: Ask the students what kinds of things they can create with Play-Doh.

Step 2: Then give the students one container of Play-Doh and tell them to create something.

bananas -1



Step 3: Give the students another color and tell them to add something to their creation.

bananas 2


cup 2


Step 4: Tell them to make a change to their creation.

Step 5: Give their creation a title.

bananas 3

cup 3

Then the students looked at their classmates’ creations and wrote a positive comment on their classmate’s placemat.

peaches and cream


cup 4

After the activity, we discussed how the Play-Doh activity is similar to the writing process. Finally, the students answered questions about the activity.


peaches and cream writing

cup 5

bananas writing


Like the Writing Process


Like the Writing Process 2


Like the Writing Process 3