The third and fourth grade Ephesus Junior Academy students in Ms. Kite’s math Title I class are learning about multiplication and division math family facts. They are using Math Fact Family Houses to demonstrate their understanding of multiplication and division family facts.

10-5-2-Fact Family House

Multiplication and Division Fact Family Houses Sample Problem

The number 10 is looking for his family’s house in the dark city night. He sees the skyline from across the river and wonders how he’ll ever find his relatives. So many houses!

Math Fact Family Houses

Suddenly, he sees the bright yellow numbers on a house: 2,5,10. That’s it! He knows that those numbers are related to him so he’s finally found his house. 

10-5-2 Multiplication and Division Fact Family

So comforting to know #10 is back home with his family. Finally, the three of them sit down and have fun making a fact family together.


What are multiplication and division math family facts? Here is an example:

Fact Family 10, 5, 2

And click here to see a short presentation. It explains multiplication and division fact families and their usefulness.