Ms. Pfeffer’s kindergarten students in Title I at Holy Cross Academy practiced sorting, counting, graphing, adding, and subtracting candy hearts.

candy hearts


One class day, students sorted Valentine candy hearts by color and indicated the total number of each color. After determining the number of each color (sorting that particular color from the pile onto the separate candy jar mat), they wrote the number on the top of the page in the appropriate column.

candy hearts sorting


Students then colored the bar on the graph to represent the number of hearts. They continued for all colors.

candy hearts graph


At the end, they answered written questions about the graph (ie. least, greatest). Also, they answered verbal questions using additional vocabulary (more, fewer, same, etc). They furthermore determined totals of 2 colors and wrote addition sentences to represent the sums.

candy hearts graphing


In a subsequent class, the kindergarten students revisited the lesson. They used their hearts to write addition and subtraction sentences based on their colors of choosing.

candy hearts counting