Ms. Sachleben’s Title I first graders at All Saints Catholic School are

  • identifying short vowel word families,
  • reading sentences with short vowel family words, and
  • writing word family sentences.

First, Ms. Sachleben read aloud to the first graders the book Gran on a Fan by Kevin Bolger.



Then, on the Smartboard, the students and Ms. Sachleben  made a list of short vowel word families (one for each vowel sound).

A: gran/pan/fan/Dan
E: pet/wet/jet/vet
I: bid/kid/lid/did
O: pop/cop/mop/stop
U: fun/run/sun/bun

Smartboard short vowel word families


Next, each student was assigned his or her own short vowel and word family to write. Working in pairs, students read aloud their lists of word families to their partners.

sample sentence - writing word family sentences

Each first grader then wrote a sentence using as many of the words in their word family as possible. Finally, they added a drawing to illustrate the short vowel word family sentence they wrote.


First Graders Are Writing Word Family Sentences


writing word family sentences : Pets get wet.


writing word family sentences: I hop and I pop and I stop.


Writing Word Family Sentences: Gran sits on a can.