Ms.  Faber’s third and fourth grade Title I students at St. Leo the Great submitted character comparison frames.

The character comparison frame was used to help the students with the comprehension skill “analyze character.” Analyze character includes the following:

  • traits,
  • feelings,
  • motivation, and
  • relationships.

After reading a fictional text, the students compared two characters on the graphic organizer to demonstrate they understood what it means to do a character analysis and, thus, to demonstrate they comprehended what they read.

First, the third graders read The Watering Hole.  The story is from a set of books by Lakeshore, called Nonfiction and Fiction Paired Passages. The Watering Hole is the fictional counterpart of the nonfictional text about elephants.

The Watering Hole

The characters they then compared were Mama Maddin and Grazer.


Character Comparison Frames
for The Watering Hole


Mama Maddin and Grazer
character comparison frames



Grazer and Mama Maddin
character comparison frames


The fourth grade students first read James and the Giant Peach by Robert Dahl.bbo JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH

For their character comparison frames, each fourth grader then compared two characters from James and the Giant Peach.


Character Comparison Frames
for James and the Giant Peach


James and Aunt Sponge
character comparison frames



James and Aunt Spiker
character comparison frames



James and Aunt Spongecharacter comparison frames