On Wednesday, December 19th, 2018, Ms. Scharich’s Park Place Title I students celebrated the holiday with a Gingerbread Day. 

Gingerbread Day - Welcome


This was open to all 2nd-6th grade Title I students and their parents. They rotated through during their normal Title I time.


Students and Parents Celebrate
Gingerbread Day 


Gingerbread Day - Students and Parents

There were 5 centers to rotate through. Students and parents work together on the centers. The centers included the following:

  • fluency,
    Gingerbread Day - Fluency Bump
  • odd/even,Gingerbread Day - Even and Odd
  • story problems,Gingerbread Day - Story Problems
  • memory shapes, andGingerbread Day - Memory Shapes
  • a puzzle.
    Gingerbread Day - Puzzle


Students were given one cookie to complete our first bite graph.

Gingerbread Day - First Bite


They also got to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. The students also got to take home a baking set and a box mix of gingerbread to bake at home over the holidays. The baking kit included measuring cups and spoons so kids could see practical uses for fractions and measuring.

Gingerbread Day - Goodies and Hot Chocolate


Following their first day back to Title I, we will review our holiday. In addition, we will poll who baked and we will do an activity with our first bite data.