Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe is an African tale. Ms. Connor’s third graders in Title I at Calvary Adventist first read the book.

book Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Then the third graders summarized Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. Their summaries noted the topic sentence and the concluding sentence in green. The sentences with the “juicy details” are shown in red.


Summary of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters


Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters is a fictional African story that describes how Nyasha becomes the queen. The setting is a small village in Africa. The main characters are two daughters, Manyara and Nyasha, their father Nufaro, the snake Nyoka and the king. The two sisters are beautiful. Manyara is rude, hot-headed, greedy, mean and self-centered. Nyasha is nice, kind, generous and caring. Mufaro is happy and proud of his daughters. At the the beginning, Manyara teases her sister. Nyasha has her own garden, and she sang as she worked in her garden. She has a snake in her garden who she names Nyoka and talks to him. The king wanted a wife, so the beautiful daughters were invited to the city. The mean sister, Manyara, did not want the other sister to go. She went there at night to get there first. She was unkind to the boy and didn’t listen to the old woman. The next evening, the wedding party left for the city with Nyasha. She gave food to the boy and the old woman. When they got to the city, Manyara had seen a big snake. When Nyasha went in she saw Nyoka on the seat of the king. Then the snaked changed shape. He was a wise, all-knowing king. The king asked if she would be his wife. Then they got married and lived in the city.