Park Place Title I math students in Ms. Scharich’s class got to join in the fun and celebrate National Pi Day on March 14 (3.14)!

Welcome to Pi Day

The students were excited to share their day with family and friends.

The students were able to rotate through 3 Pi centers.


National Pi Day Math Centers

1) Pi Necklace – Students created a necklace that followed the numbers of Pi.

Pi Day necklace


2) Pi Day Sun Catcher – Math students used circles and the symbol of Pi to create a fun sun catcher.

Pi Day sun catcher center


Pi Sun Catcher Directions


3) Pi Measuring – Students used string to measure 3 different circles to find that no matter the circle they all measure 3.14 and some change.

Pi Day Center 3

Pi Day Circle Measurement


We then ended our class with a slice of pie and the story Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.

The students were also able to take home the book along with a game that follows the story.

Journey with a Dragon