The following are short responses to texts, written by some of Ms. Faber’s students in Title I classes at St. Leo the Great. The students responded to a variety of texts.


Students’ Short Responses to Texts


Concept – Skill: “What I have learned/inferred”
Source and Grade Level:  Article about “new” species – Grade 6

        I learned that scientists find approximately 15,000 new species every year.  Most likely, there are many more places that have more species that never will be discovered!  Also, there could be more species in the Pacific Ocean that can survive these vents that squirt out hot water and chemicals.

Short Responses to Text


Concept – Skill: “What I have learned”
Source and Grade Level:  Article about “new” species – Grade 5

       One thing I have learned is that there is a rat that is called the Bosavi wooly rat, and it is as big as a small dog!  Also, there are two million species of animals in the world.   There is also a “flying fox,” but it is actually an orange bat that has stripes on its body!

Short Responses to Texts - Bosavi Wooly Rat


Concept – Skill: “Summary”
Source and Grade Level:  Article about Glacier National Park in Montana – Grade 3

        A man that was walking his dog in a national park saw a grizzly bear and climbed up a tree.  When the grizzly bear backed up, the man was able to climb down the tree.   He noticed that there were two baby cubs, and then he knew why the grizzly was chasing him.  He now knows to go in groups because bears are scared of lots of people and loud noise. 

Short Responses to Texts - Glacier Park


Concept – Skill: “Author’s Purpose”
Source and Grade Level:  Advertisement Poster – Grade 4

        The author’s purpose is to persuade people to buy land in the west (America).  Such posters enticed people to buy land with words like “wealth” and “timber.”  Also, there were low prices so people could afford to buy land and build homes.


Short Responses to Texts - Advertisement Poster


Concept – Skill: “Importance – Lesson”
Source and Grade Level: Excerpt from Abby Takes a Stand – Grade 4

        This is an important text because it tells how Whites treated Blacks back in the 1960’s.  Blacks were treated like rubbish by the police and by a majority of the White population!  The lesson learned is to keep improving how we act towards each other so that this won’t happen, again.


Short Responses to Texts - Abby Takes a Stand


Concept – Skill: “Opinion”
Source and Grade Level: Article about surfing – Grade 6

         I would not like to surf because I do not like to go into the water at the beach.  I like to build sand castles because I want to be an architect and I like to build things.  I think surfing is boring, and I have no interest in it.

Short responses to texts - Surfing


Concept – Skill: “Making Inferences”
Source and Grade Level: An Aesop fable – Grade 3

         I can infer that Fox and Cat are friends because they are traveling together in the story.  Also, the author didn’t write this, but I can infer that the cat was sad and felt hopeless because he couldn’t save his friend.  He had climbed a tree, but Fox was caught by the hounds.

Short Responses to Texts - Aesops Fable


Concept – Skill: “Character Analysis”
Source and Grade Level: Ruby’s Wish – Grade 3


         Ruby’s character is that she is very kind, and she is adoring to her grandfather.  She also is loving to her whole family and nice to her friends.  That’s why I like Ruby.  Another character trait is that she keeps going with her work even though the other girls gave up.  Nothing stopped Ruby because she wanted to go to the university.

Short Responses to Texts - Ruby's Wish


Concept – Skill: “Character Analysis”
Source and Grade Level: About a true character from the Revolutionary War Period, Sybil Luddington – Grade 3

          Sybil was courageous because she was very brave when she gathered the soldiers to get ready to fight the British.  She was a good horseback rider because at night she road forty miles.  She was unselfish because if she hadn’t gotten on the horse, no one else would have done it.

Short Responses to Texts - Sybil Luddington


Concept – Skill: “Character Analysis”
Source and Grade Level: About a true character from the Revolutionary War Period, Sybil Luddington – Grade 3

           Sybil was brave because she said she could find the soldiers. She was respectful because she helped her dad instead of saying, “No.”  Also, she was loving because she loved her dad and Americans.  Sybil is a super hero because she saved her town!  She is awesome and was brave, too, because she got a lot of soldiers ready that night.







Short Responses to Texts - Sybil Luddington