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Student Work » Work by Tidewater VA Students » Warwick River Christian School » Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss
Silly Hats

 Warwick River Christian School


The week of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, Kindergarten students added their work to the Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss bulletin board in Ms. Bauserman's classroom.

Some of the many Dr. Seuss books read by students are displayed on this bulletin board.




Some students made How Many Hats booklets (from the Mailbox Magazine), illustrating their own math story problems.


How Many?
 hat-shaped books by students





Kindergarten students also played a Green Eggs and Ham concentration game.


THREE Cats in the Hats!



Inspired by Dr. Seuss's ABC, here is a Silly Snake.




Ms. Bauserman made "Green Eggs" using Lime Jell-O and Redi-Whip. Before reading Green Eggs and Ham, students predicted who would and who wouldn't like green eggs, and they created a graphic organizer of their data.

One student said he would NOT try the eggs (not knowing they were going to be Jell-O). When they read the book, students discovered that the main character actually changes his mind about not eating the eggs. As Ms. Bauserman brought the eggs into the room from the neighboring kitchen, and the student guessed what they were made of, the student was happy to change his mind and try the eggs!






Ms. Bauserman's students enjoyed Silly Hat Day!

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