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Student Work » Work by Central VA Students » St. Benedict School » Middle School Students Write Using Idioms - 2011

Middle School Students Write Using Idioms - 2011


Writing with Idioms
Middle School Students at St. Benedict's


Ms. Tripp's  middle school students have been working on figures of speech.  They have been finding them in their reading and also focusing on them in their writing.  In these paragraphs, the students chose an idiom to base their paragraph on while trying to also use other figures of speech they had learned.

by Adam

          At dinner, my mom said my manners were monstrous.  She said that I was oinking like a pig eating out of a trough.  Then she started to get on me about how my room was a pigsty.  My mom claimed that my room begged to be cleaned.  She asked me, “Were you born in a barn?”  I promised to work on making my manners better while I shuffled up the stairs to clean my room.



by Alex

          If only I knew taking my skateboard for a trek in the wild was a treacherous idea.  As I soared fifty feet through the air, I soon realized I was about to encounter a collision with the icy wrath of the pavement.  I couldn’t determine what would be more fatal, a fractured skateboard or a mother as enraged as an atomic bomb.  I knew I was on thin ice, and I staggered home to meet my fate.




 by Sophie

          Mary awoke, yawned, and sluggishly climbed out of bed.  With a quick glimpse at the clock, she realized she was late for school.  Sleeping in had put her in a real pickle.  She, quick as a bunny, dove out of the house and sloshed right through the snow.  When she reached the school’s small front lawn, it seemed to grow to the length of a football field.  The building disapprovingly towered over her.  She then ran rigorously right into the school building only to find out school was cancelled.




by Dylan

          I could smell the cheesy hamburgers on the grill, the mash potatoes on the stove, and the cake in the oven when I got home.  I told my mom, “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow.”  She started to laugh and said, “You are eating hamburgers tonight.”  “But Mom, you are cooking as slow as a turtle.”  She said, “I’ve only been cooking for five minutes.”  It felt like the food was screaming my name.  She said, “Hold your horses.”  Then my stomach growled, and it sounded like an earthquake.  When the food was ready, I was so happy.




by Ryan

          The limo eased slowly up to the curb just as Bill and Bob came out of the coffee shop.  The big fat cat stepped out of the limo looking like a penguin in jewels.  He was as rich as chocolate.  The limo screeched when it pulled away.  Money started flying out of the car as fast as a jet.  The fat cat got out of the car and said, “This is a mess!”


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