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Parent Events » No. VA Winter Wonders Celebration, December 2012

No. VA Winter Wonders Celebration, December 2012 No. VA Winter Wonders Celebration, December 2012

Winter Wonders Celebrations
in Northern Virginia

December 2012

The following stories were written during our “Winter Wonders” Celebrations on December 13th and 14th. Thirty-one parents joined students during their regularly-scheduled Title I classes. They enjoyed the book Red Sled by Lita Judge. This“wordless” picture book introduced students and their families to onomatopoeia.


The children partnered with their parents or another adult to design a sled of their own with animals using it -- inspired by the book. Then, in a shared writing experience, parents and students created and wrote the sled stories below.

The Red Sled
 by Betel, Kindergarten

     There was a girl that slept in her bed.  Her name was Katelyn.   She was asleep.  She peaked out the window and watched that no one took her sled.  Then, she went back to her sleep for a long time.

     An elephant, giraffe and monkey began to  play.  They wanted to play with a sled, but they did not have one.  They saw Katelyn’s sled and decided to play with it.  Katelyn did not mind sharing her sled with the animals.

Frog, Giraffe, Monkey and the Boy
by Derek, Kindergarten 



      Giraffe was going to a house to get a sled.  On his  way home he found two new friends — Frog and Monkey.  They all got on the sled.  They played and went sledding down the hill.


     “Whoa!!” yelled all three friends.  All three flew down on the ice and snow.  They ran back up the hill and they slid down the hill again.  They went to give the sled back to the little house.  

     The boy saw the monkey and the frog.  And then the boy went sledding down with them. And they all had hot chocolate and      marshmallows — big and little marshmallows.  Yum!  They had a peanut butter sandwich.  And they all had fun!

Three Friends Enjoying a Fun Day
by Ian, Kindergarten

     Three friends got together on a Saturday morning. 

     Piggy had the idea of getting on a sled.  Cow and elephant joined Piggy. 

      They fell and Piggy and the other animals got back up.  They rode and rode all day long.   

       Then, they went to Cow’s house to get hot chocolate.


A Pig, A Horse and An Elephant
by Jack S., Kindergarten

     A pig, a horse and an elephant were on a sled. They used the sled and took their candy canes and graham crackers and made a sled.


     Then they went a broke a TV and went to a pet shop and broke everything there.  They then swallowed a big bowl of cotton candy with more graham crackers.  They used baby underwear and drank from a water fountain.   

     Then they went into a cave with a  camera and woke up a bear. They bear got very angry.



Superhero Animals Sledding Story
by Joseph Samir, Kindergarten

     Once upon a time there were three superhero animals on a superhero island that had some snow.  Their names were: Dark Vater Parrot; Slap Girrafe and Fast Cheetah.   


      They were on top of the roof and started sliding down to the bottom of the mount and made this noise:  Shuuuuuuuuu….slam! 

     When they got to the bottom of the mountain they fell down.

The Sled Winter Night
by Katherine, Kindergarten

     One winter night, Elephant, Snake and Bird got a sled from their best friend’s home. 


     They zzzzzooomed through the snow.

     Shuuuu!  Wheee!!  They went down the hill.

      Bird said, “This is fun!” 

     Elephant said to snake, “We haven’t had this much fun in years!”

     And off they went.  Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Trip to the North Pole
by Pately, 1st Grade

     One day Parrot, Donkey, and Zebra were  walking in the snow and found a sled! “Yeaaaaa! Lets play!” they yelled.  They got on the sled and raced down the snowy, slippery slope “Splish-Splash!” So much FUN!

     Then Zebra said “Let’s go to the North Pole to  see Santa Claus!” Parrot and Donkey agreed and they zoomed away.  After a while they got hungry and their tummies were making hungry noises “grumble , gurgle…squeeek [Parrot]”.  So they stopped and ate some candy!

     They arrived at the top of a hill by the North Pole!  The wind was blowing very hard. Whooosh!   Parrot, Donkey and Zebra were so excited that they raced down the long hill so fast that the sled screeched along the ice.  At the bottom they crashed into a big block of ice making a huge noise!  CRAAACK…CRUUUNCH...CLANG!

     It was good thing the elves were there to help. They came and gave Parrot, Donkey, and Zebra hot chocolate—so tasty! Yummmm!  

Santa Clause arrived and gave them presents and MORE CANDY!

Sabertooth Tiger Eats the Sledding Animals!
by Adam, 1st Grade

In the forest there was a wild lion, snake and monkey.  It’s snowing a lot.  

      “It’s a blizzard!” hissed the snake.  They built their own sled out of graham crackers, candy canes, and icing.

     “Eeeeee!” roared the lion. 

    “Ooooa, Oooahh, ah, and ssssss,” said the monkey and snake.


          “I am VERY cold,” hissed the snake.  The monkey and lion jumped on the snake to keep him warm. They ALL sledded more! 

     “Hrmmm, hrmmm.”  Is that a sabertooth tiger, the king of the forest, in their way?


Good Friends
by Alexa P., 1st Grade

     One sunny day three friends decided to go out and build a sled.   “Yippee!  Yippee!”  They are all excited.  

     Elephant said, “Aaargh,” and Lion asked,  “What happened?”  

     “Naaaah,” Monkey was wondering, “Hmmph, what are they  talking about?” 

     “Let’s go and try our sled.” 

     Elephant, Monkey and Lion took turns.  Blag! Blag!  Blag! Blag! 

     It was a fun but tiring day.


The Horse, the Elephant and the Monkey
by Audrey, 1st Grade

      Once upon a time there was a horse named Jeff. He wanted to go sledding but Joe the elephant and Jonathan the monkey didn’t want to go with him.  So, Jeff decided to go by himself.


      His friends thought it looked like fun and then went with him after all. The sled went swoosh, swoosh, swoosh through the snow. 

     They saw a deer hiding in the bush.  He asked  if he could go with them, too.  They had a great time.  Yeah!



The Crazy Sled Ride
by Ben, 1st Grade


Once upon a time in the land of “Crazy”, the animals were acting strangely.   

     The toucan was eating hay, “Omp, omp, omp!”    

     The zebra was laying eggs, “Splat, splat, splat!” and the horse was barking like a dog, “Arf, arf, arf!”

      All of a sudden it started snowing green flakes.  The three friends, the toucan, zebra and horse, grabbed their jet pack sled.

     They climbed to the top of the hill and went down Mt. Benjamin ending in a PLOP! 

They went home for a snack of hay and scrambled eggs.

The Bumpy Ride
by Camila, 1st Grade

     It was a snowy day in the forest.  All the animals were asleep when all of a sudden the Cheetah woke up.  He decided to go outside and there was a sled. He hopped on the sled and two other animals came to see him.  The other animals got on the sled. 

     The cheetah said, “Sheeee.” 

     The horse said, “Heeeee.”  

      All of a sudden the sled hit the tree and BUMP! All the animals went flying.

The Crazy Zoo Animals
by Mavourneen, 1st Grade


      Toucan, Zebra and Monkey snuck out the zoo door.  Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch.

     The tiptoped into Ellie’s house.  Tip, tip, tip.

     Ellie is the little fun girl who lives next to the zoo. They opened up the garage door and everything crashed down on them.  Boom, bang, crash!

     They picked up the sled and ran as quickly as they could out of the garage. Zoom, zoom, zoom.  

     And, swoop, they flew down the steps and headed to Ellie’s backyard to go sledding.  

     When they went sledding, they flopped off and alley-ooped through the snow.  

     Ellie heard the noise.  “Hmmm,” she looked out the window at the sled. She ran out and joined the fun!

Baby Lost His Animals
by Silas, 1st Grade


      Once upon a time a guy named Baby had some animals that were sledding.  The tiger, the snake and the jaguar loved sledding so fast!

     Afterward, Baby wanted to go to the bathroom.  The animals were waiting for Baby.  

     The tiger said, “What’s that word, onomatopoeia?”

     The snake said, “Ssssssssssss...I’m hungry!” 

      They all ate a squirrel.


The Bears and the Other Animals Go Sledding
by Christopher, 2nd Grade

     The Gomez family was sleeping.

      Frog, Parrot and Zebra took Chris’ sled. Yeah!

     “Eeeeee!”  They went down the big hill. 

      Frog said, “Mmmm” when he saw the sled.

     While they were going down, everybody screamed, “Whoaaaa!”

     They went gadung, gadung!

     After all the fun, they returned the sled outside the Gomez family house and went, “Sssffftt.”

     They left. Scrinch, scrinch, scrinch.


Animals Sleighing at Night
by Jasmine, 2nd Grade

     It was a cold night as I looked outside.  Whoa!  I saw animals sledding in the night.  Eeeeee!  It seemed that they were having fun.  

      The snake that was in the sled was the driver. Alley-oop!  It bumped into a tree.

     Then a parrot came down from the tree. The parrot flew to the sled and they continued going.   

     As they looked for one more friend, they found a monkey    swinging — shhhh! — on a tree. The monkey jumped on the sled and they all had fun together.


Awesome Sledding Animals
by Mia, 2nd Grade

     There once was a tiger named Tiger who found a sled.  All  the kids were at school.  Tiger got his friends, Lion and Parrot. They took the sled and went down a steep, steep hill.

      “Eeeeee,” said Lion.

     “Whoooooa,” said Tiger and Parrot said, “Squwaaak!  Squwaaak!” 

     Then Tiger, Lion and Parrot went back up the hill to put the sled away.  The kids came back from school and saw the animal tracks in the snow.  They thought, “Who made this?”

     The kids traced the tracks and found the sled track going down the hill.  They looked around and all said, “Hmmmmm.”

     The kids went sledding and said, “Weeeee! Whoooooa!  Yaaaaay!”

     They came back up the hill and their boots in the snow made schrinch, schrinch, scrunch, schrinch.” 

     They put the sled away in the garage and went in to do their homework.  Mom made them hot chocolate.



Snow Day
by Nicolas, 2nd Grade

     Scrinch.  Scrinch.

     It was a snowy day.  I decided to go to the farm. When I arrived I saw three animals taking the farmer’s sled and shouting, “Eeeee!” 


     The piggy flipped down in the hill.  Fluoomp...ft!  And the tiger was sledding.  Scrunch, scrunch.   

     The snake was saying, “Whee!  Whee!”

     They all ran down!  Alley-oop!!

     What a great day seeing all the three animals together in the snow.


Sneaky Sleigh Ride
by Talia, 2nd Grade

     After a long day of sleighing, Sammy left his sled outside to dry.  As the sun went down, three animals came out and took the sled.

      “Wooooo,” said the bird as they flew down the hill and     “Alley-ooped” around a tree.

      “EEEEEk,” cried the cow as they headed toward a rock.

     “Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch,” stomped the zebra as he chased the bird and the cow. 

     “Gadung” went the bird and cow as they fell off and landed in the yard.

     They left the sled and Sammy couldn’t understand who would have taken it.


The Sled
by Jullia, 3rd Grade

     A tiger named Josh and his friends, the pink pig and the silly monkey, were walking.  Suddenly they found a sled and got a brilliant idea.  

     The tiger said, “Let’s slide down the hill.”  And the others agreed.

      While they were sliding, they yelled, “Wheeeeeeeeee” and “Wooooooo!”

     Suddenly they ran into a huge mountain and the monkey yelled, “Let’s go down, guys!” 

     Everyone got into the sled and all you could hear was,  “Weeeeee!  Wooooooo!  Waka!  Daraduro!” until they bumped into a rock.  Bump!

     When, unfortunately, they flew off the lead and it got smooshed into pieces. The animals got really sad, but luckily they found all the pieces.  So they went home and glued them all back together for their next adventure!

Adventurous Animals
by Alexa S., 3rd Grade

     There once lived three animals named Pinkie Pie, Jerry the Giraffe and Zehr the Zebra!  They owned a sled and went sledding every Saturday.

    One Saturday all three animals went sledding down a mountain and clunked into a barn.  Crrrraassshhhh!!! 

     They thought it was fun so they went again, but this time they went over a stack of hay!  Alley-oop!

      They found a city and found bicycles.  

     “Whoa!  This is very cool,” they said.  And they went to the city every Saturday.  The city was magical and filled with candy canes.


The Jungle Sled
by Orixa, 3rd Grade

      Once upon a time in the jungle there were three friends.  One of the friends said, “I am bored.  I do not know what to do.”  

     The toucan said, “I am tired of flying and practicing.”

     The jaguar said, “Hunting is not my thing.  I need some fun in my life.”

     The next day when they were walking they saw a sled.  It was smooth and wooden.   

     The toucan said, “It looks better than flying.”

     So, they hopped on and the lion said, “Wheeee!”

     The toucan said, “Whoaaaa!”

     The jaguar said, “Eeeeee!” 

     Then the animals tripped over a bump.  Kadung! 

     “That was fun,” they said. 

     Then they went back to sleep.  When the people who were stranded saw the sled had paw prints, toucan feathers, and lion fur, they decided to leave the sled and go back home.

Desert:  A Math Story
by Sean, 3rd Grade Math Student

      A lion and two snakes met each other in the middle of the Amazon.  They were really hungry after a day of sledding.

     One snake named Viper said, “Let’s eat!”  

     The lion, named Oscar, said, “What about dessert?”

     Viper said, “Alley-oop, what about appetizers?”

     Once the animals all ate meat, they had 168 bones all around them.  They ate about 60 of those bones.  Then for dessert they ate one skull.  

     When the lion and the snake were done, they said, “Scrunch!  I’m full!”

 Think About It
1. How many bones were there before the meal?

2. How many bones were left at the end of the meal?

 3. If there were 3 animals and one skull, how many skulls were there altogether?

Sleepless Night: Another Math Story
by Melina, 3rd Grade Math Student

      It was a cold night and the animals were very bored.  The pig, the zebra, and the jaguar tried everything to go to slee.  They drank cold milk and closed their eyes.  

      The jaguar said, “Since we can’t sleep, let’s go sledding.”


    The pig and the zebra agreed.  The three animals shared  one sled.  It was six feet long.  They were all so scared that they yelled, “Eeeeee!”

     The sled hit a rock that was half as long as the sled.  The pig flew off!  Kerplunk!


Think About It!
1. How many animals were left after the sled hit the rock?

2. How long was the rock?


A Sled Adventure: The Last Math Story
by James, 3rd Grade Math Student


     One Saturday night, two snakes woke up a lion and then they found a sled.  

     They went to the top of the highest hill.  It was 400 feet high!  They went down and hit a big rock half way down the hill.  One snake slipped off.  Zuoopp!   

     Then there were two animals.  The lion and snake held on tightly.  They ran into a tree at the bottom of the hill and the lion ran off.  Gadung!


Think About It
1. How many animals were left on the sled
at the bottom of the hill?

2. How far was the rock from the top of the hill?

3. How far was the tree from the rock?


A Meeting of Friends
by Isabel and Helen, 4th Grade



  Once upon a time there were six friends and this is how they met.  They were bored and wanted to have some fun.  They went to a gigantic hill where there was a big barn with a sled inside.   They grabbed the sled and went sliding down the hill.  Weeeeeee!  




      Over and over again they went!  What a great way to meet friends!

The Sled and the Monkey
by Jack and Jonathan, 4th Grade

     There once were two boys, Jack (age 10) and Jonathan (age 9).  They had a busy day so they were really tired and they went to bed. They put their sled into the shed.


     A monkey walked along and grabbed the sled with his tail. Then he went on the sled.  Whoaaa!  He went down Mt. Everst.

     The Monkey thought he saw a puddle of water, but the sled got stuck in the ice.  They monkey said, “Owwww!”

     Jonathan and Jack woke up and then took a hammer.  They  slammed it on the ice.  Bammm!  The sled was out.

     Jack and Jonathan brought the sled back and then went to bed.

Head First!
by Edan, 4th Grade

     One night a lion, a cheetah and a tiger were walking through  the snow and they found a sled.  The three animals looked at each other and said, “Whoa! We could use the sled to get us to the jungle faster and we could have fun.”  

     So, fluooomp..ft!  They all hopped on the sled and swoosh!




     Over the hills they went until —   skadoosh!  The sled  flipped and the three of them landed head first in the snow.


The Weirdest Animals on the Block
by Rebecca, 5th Grade

      Once there were three animals — a chimpanzee, monkey and a giraffe.  They decided to go outside for a walk and then they found three kids playing on a sled.  Then the animals ran up to the kid and shouted “Roar!” 

      When they got the sled they fell off the hill with an alley-oop! So they were on the ground and when they woke up they found a bunch of animals on top of them and said,  “Whoa! Where did you come from?”

     So they finally brought back the sled with a scrunch and a scrunch.  They had the weirdest day ever with the magnificent sled.


The Awesome Sled
by Divit, 5th Grade

     Three animals were too bored.  Then they found a sled.  The animals  decided to do something crazy with the sled.  


     They stacked each other up.  Whoa!  The animals went down the hill.  They were going and going and didn’t know where they were heading.  

     They toppled over.  “Eeeeee!” shrieked the snake.  They broke the sled.  Suddenly they saw a big bear standing in front of them, roaring.  The three animals asked the bear to join them and they fixed the sled.  They all had a blast together!

The Getaway
by Joe, 5th Grade

     It’s a cold winters night and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse — except for a cow, pig and a frog.  


     Squish, squish, squish, squish was the sound of the feet, hooves and web-feet as they made their way through the deep snow.  

     They were thinking, “I don’t want to get milked.”  

     “I don’t want to become sizzling bacon.”

     “I don’t want to leave my friends.”  

     They made their way to the sleds.

     Weeeeeeee!  Whoooooooa!  Ooooooink!  Oooooooink! Ribbbbbitttt!


     The animals crashed at the bottom of the hill and landed in a big snowy pile.  

     They may have been stopped, but they didn’t become sizzling bacon.  Just as they were making their way back, the turtle, moose, chicken and horse were making their getaway!























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