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For PARENTS » Maximizing Summer Learning

Maximizing Summer Learning

Helping Your Child
Make the Most of Summer Learning


10 Weeks of Summer Reading Adventures for You and Your Kids
A weekly calendar of suggested learning activities your children will be eager to do.

5 Free and Easy Tips for Summer Learning
Research pointers and what parents can do over the summer.


How Parents Can Prevent Childrens' Summer Learning Loss
What is summer learning loss? How can it hurt my child's educational success? What can I do about it?

How to Fit Reading into a Busy Summer
Tips for making reading a summer adventure!


Summer Reading Strategies for Children with Reading Difficulties from LD Online
Strategies to help your child remember over the summer what they learned last year and for making reading enjoyable.

Summer Day Trips for Book Lovers
Places to go, things to do, and books to read based on your child's interests.


Summer Reading and Fluency: Tips for Parents
Find out what you can do to help your child be a better reader this summer.


Summer Reading Tips for Parents
How to help your child gain reading skill over the summer.


Summer Reading Tips from PBS Parents
Learn tips for weaving language and literacy activities into your child's summer.

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