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Tips for Parents

 Living With, Talking With, and Understanding Your Children


Multiple Intelligences Survey
Does your child enjoy writing, art, or athletics? Find out what kinds of intelligence your child has in our survey. 

10 Tips for Living in Peace with Your Middle-School Child
Living with a middle-schooler can be like walking through a minefield -- one wrong move could set him off. Here are ten ways to keep the peace while making sure that the homework gets done. 

Short and Sweet Activities to do with Your Sixth-Grader
Want to reinforce classroom learning activities at home? Here are some great suggestions to get you started.

Short and Sweet Activities to Do with Your Kindergartner
Here are some simple things you and your kindergartner can do at home to build academic skills.

Talking with Kids About Their Day
Get the scoop on school from your child. Here are the tips you need to get more than a one-word answer. 

Parent Resources from the National PTA
Do you have a child who is the victim of bullying at school?  Need some ideas for getting your family more physically active?  Do you want to make the most of your next parent-teacher conference?  The National PTA site has information for parents on Student Achievement, Safety, Media Technology, and Health & Wellness.






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