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For TEACHERS » Links for Teachers » Links to Reading and Language Arts Sites

Links to Reading and Language Arts Sites


Reading and Language Arts Links

There are so many fabulous web sites for reading and language-arts teachers that we can only offer you a small  taste of what's available.  What we hope to do is whet your appetite for more.

Teachers always like new ideas and free material, so let's start with some appetizers.  Did you know you could get

    • materials for pre-k through third grade, including downloadable books (some from the Wright Group) at LearningPage?

    • phonological awareness and literacy-skill activities and resources from Pals' Activities?

    • instruction for students in how to write funny poetry, samples of funny poems, and links to more poetry resources at Kenn Nesbitt's site

    • Teachervision lesson plans, newsletters, printables, and so much more?

    • printable activities, theme units, and lessons from abcteach?

    • phonics materials from the Phonics Activity Index?

    • lists of words by phonics elements (such as long a words spelled ay,compound words, words that start with wr, or words with a specific prefix or suffix) that you can turn into online flashcards or bingo games? 

    • is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. 

The main course, though, of this Internet feast is served in educational sites that promote professional growth as well as offer diverse services, materials, and information, like the following:

    • The International Reading Association (IRA) site includes featured articles from the most recent issue of The Reading Teacher, literacy links, editorials, position papers, regional and state conferences, and several years of Choices awards.  

    • The Children's Literature Web Guide from the University of Calgary offers an overwhelming amount of information in sections like Essential Kid Lit , Discussion Boards, Children's Book Awards, the Year's Best Books, Children's Bestsellers, Teaching Ideas for Children,  Authors on the Web, Readers' Theater, Journals and Book Reviews, Resources for Teachers, Resources for Parents, Resources for Storytellers, Resources for Writers and Illustrators, Children's Literature Organizations on the Internet, Children's Publishers and Booksellers on the Internet.

    • Carol Hurst's Children's Literature site is a collection of reviews of great books for kids and suggestions for their use in the classroom.  This wonderful resource also offers collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics.

    • The Children's Book Council is dedicated to the promotion of reading children's books.  Its web site contains wonderful material for teachers and parents.

Of course, this Internet meal wouldn't be complete without dessert.   We hope you now agree that discovering your own useful web sites will be the sweetest ending to this dining experience.



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